Sana International - Mobilisation Chart
SANA adopts an up-to-date community / schools mobilisation strategy. It views involvement of beneficiary communities as of primary importance as it enhances sense of ownership and identification with the project.
Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) is employed to sensitise and update them on what is expected of them. This serves as a form of mobilization as their expectations are taken into consideration. PRA helps build interest, leading to partnership in project implementation.
Water and Sanitation Committees (WSC) are formed. Elected community representatives who work as abridge between SANA and the beneficiary communities constitute these WSCs. They are oriented in project implementation requirements and procedures.
Village Resource Persons (VRPs) are people chosen and trained on positive hygiene behaviours and block manufacturing. Sitting, pegging and lining of latrines is part of their responsibility.
Through WSCs, community meets and organise contribution towards project registration and opening of project bank account.
They then come up with training needs and a detailed work plan. Land acquisition / easement is the responsibility of the community with the co-ordination of the WSC.
Monitoring of project progress is undertaken by the WSC. After completion of the project, the WSC, which undergoes regular elections, takes over the running of the project. This ensures smooth phase out continuity of development after the phase out.
Community Express Willingness to cost share capital costs
Pre-Mobilisation Activities
Orientation of WSC on role
Participa-tory planning
Registration of beneficiaries / project
Sign Land Agreement

Participatory monitoring and evaluation

Training of WSC
Community programme agreement
Election of WSC/CTs/VRPs
Orientation of VRPs
Baseline survey
Supply of programme materials
Orientation of CTs
Design BOQ
Supply of local available materials
Supply of programme materials
Opening of bank account

WSC - Water and Sanitation Committee

CT - Caretaker

PRA - Participatory Rural Appraisal

VRP - Village Resource Person

The flow chart below captures the community organisation procedures used by SANA in electing and training schools health clubs' leaders, WSCs' officials, Village Resource Persons (VRPs) and Care takers (CTs). It uses these representatives to reach its target beneficiaries hence enhancing community participation and ownership in the development process. SANA undertakes this through its experienced field based staff and its expert consultants who do monitoring and evaluation.
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