Sana International


The SANA core team consists of 12 experts of varying disciplinary backgrounds including community development, institutional development as well as financial management.
There is a strong administrative base of 4 office and financial management personnel that are well versed with all areas of collaboration, budgeting and expenditure control in water and sanitation sector.
It has a total of 34 selected government personnel available to it on attachment basis. This staff have a background of implementing tasks along the lines tried and tested in the former RDWSSP methodologies.
The strategy to draw from this force of human resources assures optimal use of knowledge and skills for timely and cost effective project execution.

Staff curently on full time with SANA are as follows

Mobilisation Chart
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Alfred Okinda Ogwande (Kenyan)
Chairman - Board of Directors
P. o. Box 875 Kisumu, Kenya.
Tel. +254 35 23800 Fax +254 35 23885
KenGen Limited, Oginga Odinga Rd.
Social Scientist (MA)
Consultant in community development and institutional development in governmental, non-governmental and community levels
  Erik Schoute van't Hoog (Dutch)
Treasurer - Board of Directors
P. o. Box 1578 Kisumu, Kenya.
Tel. +254 35 22902 Fax +254 35 22981
Computer management specialist (MSc. BSc.)
IT and management specialist, currently chief of ICT section at Centers for Disease Control (CDC Kenya / KEMRI)
Nathalie Ejikman-Houben (Dutch)
Secretary - Board of Directors
P. o. Box 2011, Kisumu, Kenya.
Tel. +254 35 22281
Pandipieri Catholic Centre, Ring Rd Kisumu
Lawyer (MSc)
Expert in community development, street children rehabilitation, and HIV / Aids related counselling
Akke Jantje Schuurmans (Dutch)
Board member
Waterloop 10
2614XC Delft. Tel. 00031152133318
E-mail Toot@IRC.NL The Netherlands
Social Scientist (MBA)
Consultant in social, institutional development and management.

Rosemary Rop (Kenyan)
Board member; Ex officio (non voting)
P. O. Box 58684, 00200, Nairobi Kenya
Tel: +254 040 2727107 / 8
Programme Co-ordinator, Maji na Ufanisi Nairobi.

Social Scientist
(MA Anthropology)
Community and Institutional Development.

Alfred Adongo (Kenyan)............ ....... Chief Executive Officer .-....................... SANA International

P. O. Box 1137 Kisumu-Kenya.............. Tel: +254 57 23409

Mr. Alfred O. Adongo holds a Bachelor of Philosophy, Post Graduate degree in Economics. He has vast experience in the Water and Sanitation Sector and Institutional Development gained through working with NGOs, Bilateral & Multilateral donor Projects

Rosemary Moi, Community Operations Officer

Daniel Obumba, Project Manager: Migori Water Pans

Reuben Dienya, Project Manager, Bandani Flood Relief Project

Hilary Okumu, Project Manager: Schools Sanitation and Hygiene Education:

Anthony Owiti, Project Manager: Urban Water & Sanitation Project

Laban Oyuke, Project Manager: Nyasare Water Development Association

Judith Radier, Project Manager: Community Mobilisation & Training

Jacky Njoroge, Secretary
Kaleb Otieno, Driver
James Otoigo Logistics Officer
Collins Awuor, Office Assistant
Hezborn Opuko, Project Manager Spring Protection and Roof Catchment Project
John Oyieko, Security Officer .
Patrick Allubbe, Technical Programmes Officer
James Mutuku. Administrative Accountant