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  SANA promotes partnership approaches at different levels as follows:
At management level, the organisation strives to enhance collaboration and working relations with government departments, other NGOs both local and international, private sector organisations, universities and Community Based Organisations (CBOs)

At community level, the conceptual review of the Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) methodology led to a partnership beneficiary committees.

A special school package is now being used that is suited to the understanding of levels of school going children. Networking is also being done with youth groups, women groups and churches to promote sanitation.
SANA facilitates regional sector NGOs networking body - Western Kenya Water and Environmental Sanitation Consortium (WESCO). This body brings together NGOs active in western Kenya region enabling them share their experiences. It addresses operational bottlenecks in the water and sanitation sector thereby improving quality of service delivery.
The approaches and strategies presented in VISION 21 - "A shared vision for water supply, sanitation and hygiene" - (review version, 30 July 1999. Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council) are fully subscribed to by SANA. The process leading to the VISION 21 strategy started with the International Water and Sanitation Decade (1981 - 1990) during which time much, but not enough, was achieved.

The conferences held in the period 1990-1999 generated an additional wealth of information on the lessons learned, the changes required, the strategies to be adopted and the actions to be undertaken. The experiences and the many consultations among individuals all over the world resulted in VISION 21

  Strategic Networking
SANA will in various forums consistently retain an ever-expanding active network of key agencies that are involved in Water and Sanitation. It is already actively networking with the following agencies:
Government agencies:
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MoENR)
Ministry of Health (MoH)
Ministry of National Heritage, Culture and Social Services (MoNHCSS)
Multi-lateral agencies:
United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF)
The World Bank
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Africa 2000 Network
Special Agencies
Community Development Trust Fund (CDTF)
Catholic Organisations for Relief and Development - CORDAID
Austrian Development Co-operation.
SIMAVI - The Netherlands.
Other International / Regional Agencies
BKH Consulting Engineers - International Consulting Firm
Network for Water and Sanitation (NETWAS)
ETC-East Africa - International Consulting Firm

Bilateral agencies
Royal Netherlands Embassy (RNE)
Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)
French Embassy, Naiobi Kenya.


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