Sana International
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The mission statement of SANA is:
To facilitate the needy to gain sustained access to Water and Sanitation services.
…and the strategy statement is:
Maximising the potential of existing and other water and sanitation related physical, institutional and human resources by strengthening and networking them.
In Nyanza Province, a large section of the population which consists of around 4 million people (1999 census) live below the poverty line. Though the people can contribute a lot to projects in kind through their labour and organisational efforts, they are commonly cash-trapped and cannot afford average water and sanitation facilities.
SANA empowers the communities to take care of their own water and sanitation needs. It stands for a focussed orientation towards development. It has expertise in the mobilisation and organisation of communities.
SANA is however, open to co-programming activities in related fields. It uses established community participatory methods and Water and Sanitation Committees (WSCs) as a platform for simultaneous or further intervention. It aims at maximising the potential of existing and other resources by strengthening and networking them.
Mobilisation Chart
SANA supports the government role in planning, monitoring and evaluation by encouraging continuation of the already existing District Water and Sanitation Development Committee (DWSDC) co-ordination meetings and by sharing its baseline, monitoring and evaluation data with the relevant government departments.
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